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  • Fellow In-House Counsel — In The House was proud to partner on the 4th Annual In-House Legal Benchmarking Survey.

    Our report is hot off the presses — and I was honored that my partners asked me to record the introductory video and write the executive summary — CLICK HERE for details and to get a copy of the report.

    4th Annual In-House Benchmarking Report — With a Video Introduction & Executive Summary from the Fo…
    Thanks to all the in-house counsel who participated in this year's 4th Annual In-House Benchmarking Survey! Our report is now out — and I was very ho…
  • Agreed with David. Chris, I imagine that lot of work was done on the site!

    • Thank you Jay — I'm glad you like the new site!

      We did put in quite a bit of time over the summer building the site — and we welcome lots of feedback as we plan on cutomizing the site going forward.

      We've also put a lot of power into the members' hands — to start their own discussion groups, post their own events, post articles and updates, etc.

  • Thank you David — music to our ears!

    But we also want to stress this is just the beginning — we invite constant feedback from our membership — our goal is continuous improvement so we are serving the career needs of the in-house counsel community, and helping you to meet your peers and grow your reputations as thought leaders in the legal profession!

    Our House is Your House!

  • Beautiful new website.  Very clean and easy to read.

This reply was deleted.

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